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By Jessie Ayani

An crafty weaving of undying fact and knowledge, Awakening and therapeutic the Rainbow physique provides an independent route to better realization that's in the grab of a person keen to self-observe and self-correct. we're invited to go into the trail of liberation - the liberation of cognizance that culminates in self-realization or enlightenment.
Though an invaluable adjunct to any religious educating, this route to enlightenment doesn't require experts, monks, or academics to steer us to God. This course asks us to seem inside, instead of with out, to discover the grasp that understands itself as a mirrored image of God. It asks us to reside our divinity in the world. with no this mastery of the subconscious, the 5th dimension's dynamic activation and beginning of the guts will stay a mythic "heaven".

This route to self-mastery asks that we observe our self as light/energy - sacred geometry compressed into shape (our rainbow body). Encoded in the geometric gentle scaffolds of our rainbow physique are the demanding situations for religious development inside this lifestyles in addition to the aim of our soul. do we satisfy that goal? awareness is a decision, no longer a demand, of existence on earth.

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