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By Philip Matyszak

We are familiar with consider the overdue Republic as a interval during which Rome loved virtually uninterrupted army luck opposed to overseas enemies. but initially of the 1st century BC, Rome, outnumbered and out-generalled, confronted a opposed military lower than a week's march from the Capitol. it truly is possible that just a quick give up avoided town from being attacked and sacked. prior to that time, 3 Roman consuls had died in conflict, and Roman armies have been soundly defeated - now not in a few international box, yet within the heartland of Italy. 
So who have been this enemy who so comprehensively knocked Rome to its knees? What military may well effectively problem the legions which have been undefeated from Spain to the Euphrates? And why is that good fortune virtually unknown today?
These questions are replied during this booklet, an army and political background of the Social conflict of 90-88BC. This tells the tale of the insurrection of Rome's Italian allies (socii in Latin - accordingly the identify of the war). simply because those Italian allies had the hands, education and armed forces structures of the Roman military which and so they fought along, all Rome's traditional army benefits have been nullified. This introduced the battle all the way down to a conflict of generals, with the Roman competitors Gaius Marius and Cornelius Sulla spending virtually as a lot time in political intrigue as wrestle with the enemy. The Italian leaders needed to deal with an both fractious coalition of peoples. a few tribes sought negotiation with Rome, and others might accept not anything lower than the complete extermination of the town and its people.
The interaction of personalities (the younger Cicero, Cato, and Pompey have been additionally protagonists); high-stakes politics and full-scale battle mix with assassination; own sacrifice and determined measures (such as elevating a military of freed slaves) to make for a taut, fast paced tale.

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