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By Robert Hanna

In Cognition, content material, and the A Priori, Robert Hanna works out a unified modern Kantian conception of rational human cognition and data. alongside the way in which, he offers debts of (i) intentionality and its contents, together with non-conceptual content material and conceptual content material, (ii) experience belief and perceptual wisdom, together with perceptual self-knowledge, (iii) the analytic-synthetic contrast, (iv) the character of common sense, and (v) a priori fact and
knowledge in arithmetic, common sense, and philosophy. This e-book is in particular meant to arrive out to 2 very assorted audiences: modern analytic philosophers of brain and information at the one hand, and modern Kantian philosophers or Kant-scholars at the different. whilst, it's also driving the
crest of a wave of intriguing or even innovative rising new traits and new paintings within the philosophy of brain and epistemology, with a unique focus at the philosophy of notion. what's progressive during this new wave are its powerful emphases on motion, on cognitive phenomenology, on disjunctivist direct realism, on embodiment, and on experience notion as a primitive and proto-rational capability for cognizing the area. Cognition, content material, and the A Priori makes a fundamental
contribution to this philosophical revolution through giving it a in particular modern Kantian twist, and through pushing those new strains of research noticeably further.

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