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By Burton F. Porter

This publication describes the "naturalistic fallacy", as attributed to Hume, that non-moral premises can't logically entail an ethical end, and distinguishes it from the equally named even though subtly varied fallacy pointed out through Moore in Principia Ethica by means of evaluating and contrasting its presence in a number moral or ethical platforms. A overview of Hume’s place elicits the consequences to theological naturalism, and the way this pertains to Kierkegaard’s "paradox of religion" and the doctrine of ineffability. equipment of logical exam of non secular language are mentioned, resulting in the dissection of the analytic proposition that ‘God is sweet’ and of the connotations of right names. Porter concludes from this an answer to the naturalistic fallacy: that "good" is key to "God" via definition, and hence that premises when it comes to God needs to include an inherent morality.

Originally released in 1968, this publication comprises themes similar to Mediaeval attitudes to deity and morality; spiritual delusion, photos and language; Comparative conceptions of deity.

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